About me

I really enjoy researching on software engineering, my goal is to create useful and interesting stuff!

I am currently a PhD candidate in the 4th year from the School of Computing and Information Systems of the Singapore Management University (SMU), supervised by Prof. David Lo. Before I joined SMU, I received my Master Degree of Engineering in June 2017 from the Colloge of Computer Science and Technology of Zhejiang University, supervised by Prof. Shanping Li and Prof. Xin Xia.

Research Interests

Data Science for Software Engineering - From data to knowledge, from knowledge to intelligence.

  • Discovery
    • Code Reuse and Re-implementation
      • [EMSE-19] “Why Reinventing the Wheels? An Empirical Study on Library Reuse and Re-implementation”. PREPRINT BIB Code
  • Management
    • Knowledge Linking
      • [ESEM-18-Extension] “Prediction of Relatedness in Stack Overflow: Deep Learning vs. SVM - A Reproducibility Study”. Highly Commended Full Paper Award PDF BIB Slide Code
      • [ASE-16] “Predicting Semantically Linkable Knowledge in Developer Online Forums via Convolutional Neural Network”. PDF BIB Code
    • Knowledge Representation
      • [TSE-21] “Post2Vec: Learning Distributed Representations of Stack Overflow Posts”. PDF
  • Applications
    • Answer Summary Generation
      • [ESE/FSE-19-Tool Demo] “AnswerBot: An Answer Summary Generation Tool Based on Stack Overflow”. PDF BIB Video Demo Code
      • [ASE-17] “AnswerBot - Automated Generation of Answer Summary to Developers’ Technical Questions”. PDF BIB Code Slide Poster
    • Cross-language Information Retrieval
      • [ESE/FSE-17-Tool Demo] “XSearch: A DomainSpecific Cross-Language Relevant Question Retrieval Tool”. PDF BIB Video Demo
      • [EMSE-17-Extension] “Domain-Specific Cross-Language Relevant Question Retrieval”. PREPRINT BIB
      • [MSR-16] “Domain-Specific Cross-Language Relevant Question Retrieval”. Invited to Empirical Software Engineering Journal PDF BIB